Smeared Black Ink

get your hands dirty

More SF skyline Raglans for the ladies, and ice cold Victorias. @duthvadar on the koozie 😘
Sunset in The #Sunset. No filter necessary, duh. It’s stupid pretty.
Printing a boatload of totes for @scoreswap event this Thursday, March 6. Check ‘em out ! They setup rad clothing swaps, and we love working with them !
A break in the rain.
Fairytales and fallen trees.    Pinecones are buried.
My hummus salad guy, George, makes incredible hummus, falafel, and tabouli. He also gives me free ice cream for my bday !
#nothingreallymattress back in action edition
Spiders spin webs in glass
StudioNico’s SF Skyline t-shirt spotted in HBO’s new series “Looking” trailer ! #studionico